Profiting with Teleseminars and Publicity with Dan Janal

Interview with Dan Janal —
by Cathy Stucker

Dan Janal is president and founder of Great Teleseminars Audio Production Company, a complete one-stop shopping solution for conducting teleseminars and teleclasses. Dan’s PR LEADS publicity service has helped more than 1,000 authors and experts get publicity in top tier newspapers and magazines.

In this teleseminar you will learn:

  • How to make more money from teleseminars—without creating any new content.
  • How to motivate people to buy your digital content… even though they might not be directly interested in the product you’re selling!
  • Two simple ways to get people to listen to your teleseminar.
  • Want to interview somebody? Here are two qualifications for anybody you interview on a teleseminar.
  • How to turn interview questions into compelling copy to persuade people to attend your teleseminar.
  • When to do a free teleseminar. How to benefit from this kind of “pro bono” work.
  • How to choose the content you share in your teleseminar.
  • A simple tip for holding your audience’s attention for the duration of your teleseminar—even if you cover some boring material.
  • Why you should take listener questions before the teleseminar begins.
  • The difference between advertising and publicity. Why it matters.
  • 3 ways independent professionals benefit from publicity.
  • How to stand out when you’re trying to get publicity. (Hint: Credentials simply aren’t good enough anymore.)
  • How to break through PR clutter quickly and grab the attention of reporters, plus why it works.
  • How to get your call to action into your online articles and press releases. (This can’t be done in the off-line world, but it can be done on the Internet!)
  • The right length for online articles and press releases. (Stop guessing how much you need to write.)
  • How to plan, schedule, and host your first teleseminar. (Follow these simple steps for quick success.)
  • The best time of day to conduct a teleseminar. (Tip: It depends on who your target market is.)

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