Self-Publish Your Book with Dan Poynter

Interview with Dan Poynter —
by Cathy Stucker

Dan Poynter has written over 110 books including The Self-Publishing Manual and The Skydiver’s Handbook. Dan speaks to audiences around the world about publishing. He has turned thousands of people into successful authors and his mission is to see that people do not die with a book still inside them.

In this teleseminar you will learn:

  • How many books to print when you self-publish.
  • The difference between digital and off-set printing. Why it matters.
  • An affordable way to get free advertising for your book. (For less than $50, you can potentially get thousands of dollars worth of advertising.)
  • Why you should always offer you book in multiple formats.
  • Why you should contact multiple printers for quotes. (Hint: Prices fluctuate all the time, even for similar projects.)
  • Who should be selling your books. (Sure, you can sell them yourself… but these people will sell far more than most people can.)
  • One common character trait that can sabotage an author’s attempt to get widespread distribution.
  • How to get distribution through and sell more books.
  • Ways to leverage your knowledge into multiple revenue streams. (Profit from the same information over and over again.)
  • How to get guaranteed word-of-mouth. (It’s 100% legal.)

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