Affiliate Marketing Secrets with Rosalind Gardner

Interview with Rosalind Gardner —
by Cathy Stucker
Rosalind Garder is the author of The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People’s Stuff Online. She now earns MUCH more than that selling everything from dating services…to watches…to webmaster tools!

In this teleseminar you will learn:

  • How a single banner ad changed Rosalind’s life.
  • How Rosalind made $436,797 in one year selling other people’s stuff on the Internet.
  • What affiliate marketing really is and how it works.
  • The one foundational qualification for you to be successful at affiliate marketing. (Ask yourself this question before you enter any new market.)
  • 4 web sites where you can find merchants that offer quality affiliate programs.
  • How to make money by giving away free information. (It’s easy to do and amazingly effective.)
  • The simple difference between affiliates who fail and affiliates who carry home bags of money every month. (Do this one thing and it won’t be long before you’re known as a “super affiliate.”)
  • What people respond to. (Hint: They don’t respond to products!)
  • The biggest mistake affiliates make. (Learn how to avoid this mistake and you’ll have an asset that will pay you for months and years to come.)
  • Why you shouldn’t try to “get rich quick.” How to build a sustainable affiliate business.
  • How to create content that attracts readers automatically. (If you can attract readers, you can turn them into customers.)
  • How to get free information products which you can then recommend to your readers.
  • A simple way to accelerate the success of your affiliate marketing. (If you’re doing things right, then this should happen automatically.)
  • How to use an RSS data feed to generate a dynamic product catalog on your own site. (Even better, every product uses your custom affiliate link so you get paid!)
  • How to get traffic to your web site your very first day on the Internet. (Plus, how to do it for pennies.)
  • The two best ways to create new content on an almost daily basis. (Both of these methods will attract search engines within days.)
  • What Fantastico is. Why you should make sure it’s included in your hosting account.
  • How to apply the “learn it, do it, teach it” money-making formula to your business. Why this approach works so well.
  • How to make more money by repurposing content. (Not only can you create more products that you can sell… you can also develop new channels of traffic and distribution.)

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