How to Build a Profitable Web Site with Tim Carter

Interview with Tim Carter —
by Cathy Stucker

Tim Carter has created a content empire at with ebook sales, AdSense and other advertising programs by creating highly-targeted and high-quality content.

In this teleseminar you will learn:

  • How to appeal to different learning styles and make more money doing it.
  • Why you should think like a publisher.
    (Tim learned this lesson the hard way while writing a newspaper column.)
  • What a “content vacuum” is—and how you can fill it.
  • How to dominate your niche. How many articles you will need to write to accomplish this.
  • The “3 Ds” that are absolutely essential to your online success.
  • Why competition within your market is a good thing.
  • Two simple tests to determine if a particular topic is worth writing about.
  • The “magic number” that can lure prospects into making impulsive buying decisions.
  • How to profit when unethical people pirate your electronic products. (This simple technique “turns lemons into lemonade.”)
  • How issuing prompt refunds can build customer loyalty.
  • A simple way to get your subscribers to read new content as soon as it’s published.

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