Product Launches with Jeff Walker

Interview with Jeff Walker —
by Cathy Stucker

For years, Jeff Walker’s specialty has been rolling out new products… and after tales of his “Six Figures In Seven Days” (when he generated $106,000 in seven days with a new product and a relatively small list) started to leak out, he became a sought-after “hired gun” for rolling out new promotions. His Product Launch Formula has helped create product launches worth many millions of dollars.

In this teleseminar, you will learn:

  • How to tell when you’ve achieved expert status.
    (Becoming an expert is easier than you think.)
  • How to make a fortune by building a solid fan base.
  • The single most important thing Jeff can trace his success back to. (It’s a four-letter word, but contains the power to make you wealthy.)
  • How Jeff built a subscriber base of 80,000 people without any PR or advertising help.
  • How to get more attention from any promotion you ever create.
  • Why anticipation is critical to the success of a product launch. (Discover how to trigger this emotion to multiply your results.)
  • How you can use a product launch to sell a new product or re-launch an existing product. (Even if your product hasn’t sold well in the past, you can use a product launch for a quick cash infusion.)
  • How to create content quickly using screen capture videos. (This is easier and faster than writing… and it often has a higher perceived value with customers.)
  • Why you should never use the same content only one time. Plus, how to repurpose content for greater impact.

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